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Miessence Organics

Hi, I'm new to the community (I apologize for those who may fall victim to my cross-posting).

I am a Katrina evacuee from the MS gulf coast, and I have been displaced for the past two months since losing my home. I have been doing a lot of thinking about how to rebuild my life, and I came across an opportunity. I decided to get involved in selling Miessence products in an attempt to raise money to get back on my feet. I don't like the idea of asking for donations, as I've seen others doing. I can only justify taking others' money if I feel that it is earned. And I feel really good about selling these products. They really are amazing.

If you haven't heard of these products before, they are the only certified organic beauty care products currently on the market. You have to try them to really believe how wonderful they are.
Please check out the website and see for yourself the benefits of these products over the average beauty products that contain numerous chemicals and toxins.
In addition, I urge everyone to read up on becoming a representative. I've only just begun, but it appears to be a truly great opportunity. I will be happy to provide any information I can about this.


Thanks for your time,

Carrie :)
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