Shocking Pink (fionnghuala) wrote in natural_glow,
Shocking Pink

I've been searching and searching for a community that's about nutrition and healthy eating. This is pretty much the only one I can find. There are a few others that claim to be but are thinly veiled diet communities.

It's amazing that there are so many about dieting, but none about just eating well.

I am always trying to eat healthy, and am a massive fan of Patrick Holford and Optimum Nutrition.

Recently I've got really into eating seeds. Partly for the Omega oils and so on, but also that I've started to think perhaps I don't eat enough protein. Kind of fuelled by people around me going on the Atkins diet, and also that I starting working out with weights a little bit a while ago, and I want to make sure that I'm eating enough to build up muscle.

I see that this community hasn't had much traffic, and that seems like a shame !
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