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About Natural_Glow
The idea behind this community is to step away from the additives and preservatives that bombard our everyday lives and concentrate on the natural source of the food and the benefits it can give us.

Weight loss is not the focus of this group, there are plenty of other communities on Livejournal that tackle the subject of diets, but learning healthy food management will help you understand your dietary needs.

Areas that are covered here

  • Sharing recipes. Help out fellow members with simple cooking ideas.

  • Understanding nutritional values and successful food combining. Discuss food compatability and how to feed your body effectively.

  • Beauty Feeding your body isn't just about nourishing the inside. Got any ideas for natural exfoliators or mud packs? Why not share them:)

    Disclaimer: This is in no way a medical advice community. If you are concerned about your health please consult a doctor. This is here simply for memebers to learn how to get the most from their food without relying on artifical ingredients.

    The maintainer of this community is _mysteria_